lunes, 2 de marzo de 2015

La Roche Sur Yon visited the Polytechnic School of Cáceres

La Roche Sur Yon (LRSY) is a French city between Bordeaux and Nantes, and very close to the latter, which is twinned with Cáceres, specifically it is the first twinned with our city @LRSY_ville

On January a delegation of LRSY Council visited us for 3 days. The second day they came to campus in Caceres (Universidad de Extremadura) at the Polytechnic School (on Tuesday January 27, 2015).

The delegation was composed of the Innovation Council Nathalie Braunaud-Seguin, the Council for International Relations and Tourism Development Braunaud-Nathalie Seguin, and the Assistant of Eco Digital Helene Crepeau who was a teacher of French in the Cáceres Norba institute. Cáceres City Hall  were accompanying the French delegation with their Councils Jorge Carrasco and Pedro J. Muriel.

They came in the afternoon for coffee and first visited the laboratory research group The Robotics and Artificial Vision Laboratory seeing robots and the augmented reality apps with Pepe Moreno.

Then we visited the spin-off Gloin in his instalations of the Polytechnic School with José Manuel García

Finally, we visited the FabLab at the polytechnic School: SmartOpenLab (SOL).

Just it changes ourlaboratory the day before and the movement carries out in a single day

LRSY has its own FabLab so hopefully we can work together in a short space of time @zBis85.
Finally we were talking about the SmartPoliTech project on energy efficiency in Polytechnic School and watching the cafeteria monitors to display the center power consumption

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